Wearncare for Research

A modular wearable inertial system to measure the movement of upper and lower limbs.

WEARnCARE is a modular wearable inertial system able to capture fine movements and describe human kinematics in an accurate fashion. It is a plug-and-play solution for anyone interested in the study of human movement, and it could be applied to a wide range of experimental settings.

WEARnCARE represents a crucial tool for your research drawing information, both for complex gestures and fine finger motricity. The kit encompasses up to 8 modular units for upper and lower limbs analysis. Besides, a graphical interface and a base software for raw data acquisition and visualization are included in the solution.

Full-body motor assessment, including fine fingers’ motion

The Solution

Wearable miniaturized modular system

A wearable miniaturized modular system composed of up to 8 inertial units to collect high-frequency rate motor data from upper and lower limbs.

Dashboard for data visualization

A simple user interface for managing your acquisition and visualizing your raw data.

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