wearncare for clinics

A decision support tool for Neurologists to objectify the motor assessment in Parkinson’s disease diagnosis and management.

Combining wearable inertial sensors on feet, wrists, and fingers, and algorithms based on Artificial Intelligent (AI) techniques, WEARnCARE provides a patient complete full-body motor assessment returning to the clinician automated objective medical reports easy to visualize and interpret. The system can be used in hospitals during the clinical examinations for diagnosis and follow up, as well as at home, where the neurologist can monitor the motor response to pharmacological treatment.

WEARnCARE can accurately characterize the motor status of a person while performing a standardized protocol. A such objective characterization is a fundamental step for improving PD clinical assessment and diagnosis.
Full-body motor assessment, including fine fingers’ motion
Compliance to clinical scale evaluations
Automated digital medical reports

the Hardware

The software

Signal processing
  • Filtering and signal segmentation
  • Feature extraction
Data Analytics
  • Feature reduction
  • Feature Selection
  • Statistical Analysis
Pooled Indexes and Classification

Custom-made Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on Machine Learning (Supervised, Unsupervised, Semisupervised) and Deep Learning

the Solution

CoAImed WEARnCARE parkinson's disease artificial intelligence decision support tool home monitoring

the motor exercises

A protocol of motor exercises based on MDS-UPDRS III and customized exercises

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