Collaborative development of AI-based technologies for medical applications

CoAImed is an innovative newborn start-up that operates in the field of Artificial Intelligence, sensors, and biorobotics.
It aims at the development, production, and marketing of innovative technological products and services.
The principle is to exploit the body-brain interplay, furnishing clinicians and patients innovative AI-based tools and competencies to support their journey.

All the members of the team embrace these principles and pour them into their daily work, transmitting them through their actions to create innovative and concrete solutions that can help people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases to live better.
Each member of the team has equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents. This means that people are given equal opportunity, equal pay and are well accepted for their differences thus to create an inclusive and happy work environment with no chance of discrimination.
Both within the team, respecting opinions, and differences, considering them an opportunity for improvement and enrichment, and towards those for whom we develop our solutions. The person must always be put first.
Curiosity is essential so that the team does not close on itself but continues to pursue increasingly innovative and future-oriented lines of research and development in the field of neurodegenerative diseases.

the team

manuele bonaccorsi
Manuele Bonaccorsi
Chief Executive Officer

Biomedical Engineer, PhD in Innovative Technologies

Erika Rovini
Erika Rovini

Biomedical Engineer, PhD in BioRobotics

Filippo Cavallo 160px
Filippo Cavallo

Electronic Engineer, Associate Professor in Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics

Laura Fiorini
Laura Fiorini

Biomedical Engineer, PhD in BioRobotics

Gianmaria Mancioppi
Gianmaria Mancioppi

Psychologist, PhD in BioRobotics


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